Month: March 2015

Congratulations on a Fantastic Evening!

I hope you came to the SK Voices Hustings on 5th  March as it was a fantastic night at Granville!

Never mind the great turn out from the community and   the 5 prospective MPs that came and answered questions for 2 hours, what about the Granville Community Kitchen!?

Here are the tables of  the tea, coffee,  mint and  orange ice tea and loads of cake with our serving crew!


While  people were enjoying the drinks upstairs others we busy in the kitchen getting the supper ready…

P1400681 P1400677 P1400675

After the prospective MPs had answered lots of questions we served supper…

P1400686 P1400685 P1400684 P1400682

Loads of people were so complimentary about the food. Everyone enjoyed it!

This is our wonderful Dee who made all the food possible and piloted this delicious ship into port!


We have so so many volunteers to thank for making the evening such a great success for everyone!

THANK YOU  to you all our volunteers. We couldn’t do it without you!