Bermondsey Community Kitchen Visit!

Part of being a First Steps Project with Locality is that we have a Relationship Manager, Chris. He suggested we visit Bermondaey Community Kitchen (

So last Monday Marta, Dee and I went to see them and spend some time talking to Mike, Shannon and Jenny about what they do.


There is a cafe downstairs where they display  pictures from the area’s history.

The kitchen upstairs is all brand new and beautiful! The main purpose of the project is to train young people in catering skills. They have just received their City and Guilds certification . Jenny, their tutor,  is very experienced teaching in catering colleges. They also started a market stall and do a lot of catering for community projects in the area.

We talked about how we can support each other and work togeter in the future. They were so knowledgeable and interesting that we long overstayed.  We went home with peppers as well!

Thank you so much Mike, Shannon, Jenny and Bermondsey Community Kitchen!



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