Month: February 2018

Hug Granville Carlton!

Big Hug

We had such a lovely afternoon  last Saturday 10 Feb 2018, despite the weather! There was a very good turn out. We had the hug inside as the weather was so awful. We all joined hands and sang ‘All you need is love’, drank tea, ate biscuits  and told stories of why these buildings are so important to us.

Why have the Hug?

The  Granville/Carlton  buildings have been central to South Kilburn life for many years. Brent Council voted to to tear them down July 2016. The community together  was able to win a temporary reprieve.  Now we want to  save these buildings for South Kilburn permanently! And part of that is coming together to show our appreciation for them

Thank you to everyone who came and made the day so special!