What We Do

Granville Community Kitchen is a community led project in partnership with various local organisations. LCNC is leading this initiative based on the belief that everyone has the right to fresh, good quality, healthy food that does not cost the earth.
Granville Community Kitchen is empowering community through food. We are building an ethical, sustainable, local and culturally diverse food hub, offering food centred activities, services, education and training. We will be accessible, family friendly and open to all sourcing our food from local urban agriculture projects, micro food producers and other ethical food businesses.

We will be offering…….

Community Garden
Come join us and learn how to grow your own food, make new friends, and get some exercise

Cooking Classes For Everyone

Community Sharing Days                                                                                                                     Bring a dish and share a meal, learn about other cultures, meet your neighbours

Food Assembly                                                                                                                                            A weekly market where you can come and buy directly from local food producers.

Micro Enterprise Incubator                                                                                                             Start your own food related business.

People’s Kitchen                                                                                                                                 Using surplus food food from the local area to create healthy, low cost meals

Supper and Lunch Clubs

Training and Volunteering Opportunities                                                                                    Learn kitchen and food service skills, get your food hygiene certificate or volunteer, share your skills.

Granville Community Kitchen Limited

 is a Society for the Benefit of the Community

Registered Number  7488

Registered Address: Granville Plus Centre, Carlton Vale, NW6 5HE


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