Cre8tive Granville Begins!

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  Cre8tive Granville!  is a programme of  Free Arts evening classes for 6-17 years in South Kilburn, starting on Tuesday 5 and  Thursday 7 June . For more information


Friday Night Meal on the Move again!

Thanks to Laurence and the team at Kilburn Park Primary School our

Friday Night meals are back on.  Come and meet your neighbour.

Bring friends!

Fridays 5.45-7.15

Free and Halal.

The gate to the school  is in the South Kilburn Open Space near the play ground.

Head for the Dome and there will be someone to meet you.

Spread the word!






We are one of the first 50 urban food heroes!

 IMPORTANT: Friday night meal (free and Halal)
is closed Friday 30 March. It will be in new home from 6 April.
Check back here to more news .

Granville Community Kitchen has been chosen as one of the first 50  Urban Food Heroes in London  by The Jellied Eel Magazine.

They say :

We were overwhelmed with the entries and privileged to pick such an amazing selection, which we are promoting through our new look Jellied Eel mag and online.  Following the launch during Urban Food Fortnight 2017, we are delighted to be able to finally share with you our first 50 Urban Food Heroes. These are people and enterprises that grow, cook, make and save food and, ultimately, are making London a better place through their amazing ventures.

And we are one of them! Hurray for us!

Have a look here


Made In Hackney by Christian Sinibaldi

Central Street Cookery School: This community cookery school in an inner London community centre also runs a community food growing space, helps to avoid food waste by using surplus food and hosts a community fridge.

GCDA: Runs a variety of projects that help new food entrepreneurs meet local needs. These include managing free community cookery clubs; fairly priced fruit and veg  stalls at children’s centres and a new food business called PLENTY, which sells ready meals at Brockley Farmers’ Market.

Granville Community Kitchen: Dee Woods, the co-founder and coordinator of Granville Community Kitchen, has worked in community food education, health promotion, organic food growing, food history and research for over 25 years. In 2016, Dee was named Cook of the Year by the BBC Food and Farming Awards.

Made in Hackney: Promotes health and environmental benefits of eating a local, organic, seasonal, plant-based diet. Teaches skills to grow, cook, preserve and compost; as well as providing training and an affordable kitchen space for ethical food entrepreneurs.

Maida Hill Place: Kitchen incubator that supports food enterprise start-ups and people wishing to re-enter employment, and has created a vibrant hub in a once drug-blighted space.

Shoreditch Trust: Home to Waterhouse Restaurant, which provides chef training in a live kitchen setting, mentoring and offering work experience to young people facing challenges.

Wolves Lane Community Food Hub: A hub of sustainable food enterprises and educators set on a 3.5 acre site. Grows organic produce, runs a local veg box scheme, teaches food growing skills, incubates start-ups and provides space for events.

Hug Granville Carlton!

Big Hug

We had such a lovely afternoon  last Saturday 10 Feb 2018, despite the weather! There was a very good turn out. We had the hug inside as the weather was so awful. We all joined hands and sang ‘All you need is love’, drank tea, ate biscuits  and told stories of why these buildings are so important to us.

Why have the Hug?

The  Granville/Carlton  buildings have been central to South Kilburn life for many years. Brent Council voted to to tear them down July 2016. The community together  was able to win a temporary reprieve.  Now we want to  save these buildings for South Kilburn permanently! And part of that is coming together to show our appreciation for them

Thank you to everyone who came and made the day so special!


Hug Granville/Carlton! Saturday 10 Feb

Saturday 10 Feb 2018
Please come and show your love for  Granvllle/Carlton at 3pm
Free refreshments  and activities at
The Carlton Centre/Concord Cafe
Carlton Vale.NW6 5HE
The Big Hug at 3pm
Please come and show your love for  Granvllle/Carlton at 3pm
For more information  go to
The  Granville /Carlton  buildings have been central to SK life for many years. The Council voted to to tear them down July 2016. The community together was able to win a temporary reprieve.  Lets save these buildings for SK permanently! Show your appreciation  for these buildings.   Join us 10 Feb 3pm BIG HUG

Granville in Transition

A Joyful and Restful Holiday time to Everyone!

Granville Community Kitchen Friday Night Meals will be back

Friday 12 January 2018 at The Carlton Centre… See you then!


On 23 November 2017  Granville Community Kitchen, The Otherwise Club and the South Kilburn Community  held a ‘funeral’ for the Main Hall, a place built for and used by  the community for over 120 years. It is now being turned into an Enterprise Hub by the South Kilburn Trust and Brent Council, used as office space with a hole cut into the middle of the floor to link the upper and lower floors of the building. It will no longer be a community event space.

Poems were read and a song sung. This is Dee’s poem

Granville Dedication

As the leaves turn to flaming shades of oranges and red, golden yellows and brown

And fall from the trees

As the days get shorter and the nights get

Deeper and darker

As the winds blow stronger and colder

Signalling the end of autumn,

A time of harvest and abundance

We stand in this circle

Of time and existence

We celebrate the Granville

We mark the end of the Granville as we know it

We stand in that place between

what was and what will be

We stand hopeful of new beginnings

This is our time as family, as community

To rest, to come together, to strengthen our connections

To plan, to dream….

We stand in hope of new beginnings

Our lights symbols of all our hopes and celebration of the Granville


We buried a time capsule. Many people Put something in it that reminded them of South Kilburn, The Granville and The Main Hall.  This drawing was one young person’s offering.


The time capsule was ceremonially  buried with people of all ages throwing earth on it.





the Kilburn Times reported the event:


The Otherwise Club and Granville Community Kitchen Friday Night Meals and Garden Project will continue through the winter. Our Friday Night Meals have moved to Carlton Centre next door. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT 5.45-7.15 up to and including 15 December.    It will then stop for the holidays until 12 January 2018. The Otherwise Club activities have moved to William Dunbar Tenant Hall and The Salvation Army Hall

Meanwhile all our stuff is moved out and the walls are coming down…. Very sad.





What’s Happening at Granville Community Kitchen?

Wednesday 22 November 6-8pm we are hosting  Kitchen Table Talks.  Free Food. Donations welcome. Join us at the Granville Community Kitchen for our Kitchen Table Talks. Come and share a meal,  and bring something to share with your neighbours! A dish, a story, a photo or even a poem or a song!  Lets get to know each other and support each other in issues that affect us all. Our voices together are strong!

In December, our Friday night meal will move to Kilburn Park Junior School and continue while the Granville is closed for 3 months for refurbishment to open again in March 2018.  Keep checking back for more information.





Footprint Fair! Thank you all!

What a fantastic day! The Footprints, made with spray chalk,  from Peel Precinct to Granville were wonderful!  All the children  noticed them and played with them. Everything from the bubbles and Samba in Peel Precinct to the the gardening at Granville topped off with entertainment after our community meal at Granville brought us together and all organised by the young people from The Otherwise Club! You were great! Thank you to all the organisers, volunteers and everyone who came and made it such a great day!

Some photos from the day…







The words to the ‘Community’ Song the young people from The Otherwise Club wrote with Rik, Rose and Jess. Says it all!

We Are Community

We are community

Full of opportunity

Together we are unity

This is my community


Without Tuesdays here

socialising would be lost

We wont be fine about it,

it will happen with a cost


comes with dedication,

rough homes, tough lives,

the need for education,

carry on our legacy,

shouting out the policy

We got to come together,

cant stop, we better

energy, tradition, together, love,

we depend on each other,

not the weather above, because



and unified like a fort

Every person

sharing their own thought

A close nation

depends on our communication,

We don’t want it changed

by government operations



to Us

is familiarity,


sharing together

our similarity


is Not

a lia-bility,

whoever we are,

Were all need Unity